Burrito Bowl

1 c uncooked rice (to yield 2 c rice)
2 c cooked rotisserie chicken (about half the chicken)
15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
2 c shredded cheddar cheese (8 oz package)
3/4 c salsa, any kind
1/2 c pitted black olives, diced
1/2 tsp garlic powder

Prepare rice according to package directions.

Skin chicken. Take the chicken off the bone and cut into chunks.

Combine the chicken chunks and remaining ingredients in a large, microwave-safe bowl. Stir well to combine. Heat on High for 60 seconds, and stir.

Add cooked rice to the mixture. Stir well to combine. Heat on High for 30 seconds, and stir until cheese is melted and mixture is heated through.

Serve warm with salad. Optional garnishes: Sour cream, more black olives, or guacamole. Serves 6.

Note: Excellent quick meal, as you can prep everything else while the rice cooks. This dish is also great the next day, and it reheats well. Refrigerate leftovers for up to 3 days. You could also use this mixture to fill 6 tortillas and make burritos.