Hair Accessories: Cotton Yarn Bun Covers

Crochet, Project #109
I made these for someone I know with long hair. She tried them both and preferred Alissa’s Ballet Bun Cover, shown on the right in the photo below:


Date started 11/7/06
Date completed 11/8/06


1.1 oz (31 g) worsted weight cotton yarn, leftover from Lily’s Sugar ’n Cream cotton yarn (3 oz/85 g, 150 yd/138 m), Color: Natural Ombre, $2.19/ball

Crochet Hook: U.S. Size G-7 (4.5 mm) crochet hook
Gauge: Not relevant
1. Small: Alissa’s Ballet Bun Cover by Victoria Linnel,© CP-0146,
2. Large: Rosie the Riveter Snood, Folkwear 240

Finished sizes:
1. Small: 2.5″ high x 3.5″ diameter
2. Large: 3.5″ high x 3.25″ diameter

Leftover yarn:
0.6 oz (15 g). Each cover used about 0.3 oz (8 g)

Approximate cost:
About $0.22 each. Each cover used about 10% of a ball.

These covers will be secured with a hair stick (so Round 8 was omitted from Alissa’s Ballet Bun Cover). Each cover takes about 1.25 hours to complete. In my opinion, Alissa’s Ballet Bun Cover is the better pattern. It has better proportions and shaping. I would make this one again. Rosie the Riveter Snood is a spiral shape; the cells are too large to effectively hold the hair back.