Gulf Shores Bucket Hat

Crochet, project 126. Date completed: 4/25/2007

This a companion “big sister” project to the “little sister” Newborn Baby Polo Shirt. You see, while the new parents are thrilled to have a newborn, they also have a foster daughter who is 15 months old. The worst thing you can do to a young sibling is bring a gift for the baby…and not them, too. I am the oldest child in my family.

Pattern: Melissa Rotert, Child’s Bucket Hat variation of the Gulf Shores hat. This family of shell hat patterns is just great. I also made a version the Bellieveau Cove in Lamb’s Pride Bulky for the winter.

Yarn: 104 yds worsted weight yarn:
• 2 balls Elmore-Pisgah brand Peaches & Crème (100% cotton), 2 oz/57 g, 98 yds/90 m. Color 182: Raspberry Swirl

I finished the hat with two rounds of SC. Omit the second round of SC around the brim, and this hat could probably be made with just 1 ball (98 yds) of yarn. Melissa says, “The much larger shell helps the brim stand out, and the sc border keeps the brim from being too floppy.”