Menu: New Year’s Day 2008 — Black-Eyed Pea Bowl

Cook’s Notes: The “Black-Eyed Pea Bowl” is not a new football tournament, but a way to serve some traditional Southern dishes. Here’s what we ate on New Year’s Day this year. Black-eyed peas are tasty when mixed with rice. As a whole, this is a balanced meal, and it is very filling. You could also add purple seedless grapes, which are also lucky foods, to the menu.

Prepare these dishes:

  • Onion and Pecan Rice (recipe makes about 4 cups cooked rice and can be halved). Start the rice after draining and rinsing the soaked black-eyed peas.
  • Turkey sausage: 4 links (about 1 lb) mild Italian chicken sausage, crumbled and browned until cooked through
  • Corn muffins: I used Jiffy corn muffin mix and 3 T mayonnaise as we were out of eggs. The muffins came out crumbly.

Serve together in a bowl: 1/3 cup black-eyed peas, 1/3 cup rice (or 1 small corn muffin), 1.5 oz cooked turkey sausage, and top with 2 T barbecue sauce without high-fructose corn syrup. If you want both the rice and the corn muffin, you’ll need more protein. Double the turkey to 3 oz.


Make Black-Eyed Pea Burritos with 3 cups of the leftover black-eyed peas.

Mix any remaining black-eyed peas and onion rice together and freeze.