Best Recipe: Toffee Matzoh and Other Cracker Cookies

Making Passover-friendly desserts can be a challenge. Who knew that something so simple — matzoh crackers soaked in a homemade toffee and topped with chocolate — could be so good? The toffee matzoh recipe I have used for at least 10 years is by Marcy Goldman. There’s no need for me to reprint the recipe here; just go to her site and follow her instructions exactly. She recently updated her signature recipe for “New Vanilla Version Matzoh Caramel Buttercrunch.” David Lebovitz has another version of the toffee matzoh recipe with gorgeous photos. You may also enjoy the article on Passover Desserts posted on the Smitten Kitchen site.

If it’s not Passover, you can make these treats as Praline Cookies. Use graham crackers instead of matzoh, omit the chocolate, and sprinkle the top with chopped pecans.

Make these treats with saltine crackers and peanuts and you have Texas Toffee.

The “Is It EDible?” blog has instructions for making this “Fab Toffee” in a microwave. Ed says. “I was also skeptical about the saltine thing. But, I took a leap of faith, and wouldn’t you know, this stuff rocks! Of course, anything with a cup of sugar and lots of butter will taste heavenly.”

There is another variation, too — my friend Kathy and I used to refer to the Club cracker version with almonds as CRACK-ers. They are that addictive.

David Lebovitz says, “Although don’t say I didn’t warn you if you do: it’s almost impossible to stop snacking on. …it makes a pretty fine breakfast treat if you’re lucky enough—or smart enough—to stash away a few pieces all for yourself.