From Shrug to Cardigan

Knitting project, #141. Completed 11/17/2007.

I originally completed this shrug, knit with double-stranded Cascade 220, in the autumn of 2004.

Shrug on a hanger before re-do
But if it is cold enough to wear double-stranded wool, you really need a whole sweater. I reworked the shrug this fall. After major knitting surgery, it now looks like this…a cardigan:

Cardigan on hanger

I preserved 18″ of each sleeve and ripped out the middle. I reknit the yoke using Cathy Carron‘s Dewdrop pattern as a basis with the green yarn. (I found math errors in the pattern that had to be corrected). After knitting the remaining sweater body in brown and blue, I grafted on the sleeves. The next step was to rip back the cuffs so the sleeves were the right length. I re-did th cuffs in offset dot stitch and added a border from Candi Jensen to finish the sweater.


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