Classic Potato Salad

Cook’s Notes: Double the recipe and use a 10 oz jar of sweet pickle relish. This salad is delicious with just about anything grilled. If you overcook the potatoes (boil 45 minutes), pour ice over to chill them before handling so you don’t mash them. On the other hand, the worst-case scenario is that you get Mashed Potato Salad. The flavor of the dish will still be delicious. Try the dressing with roasted potato wedges as well. This recipe has no hard-cooked eggs, because I don’t care for their texture. Add them if you like. I’ve been relying on this recipe for at least 15 years.

Serves 6 to 8

3 lbs russet potatoes, scrubbed but unpeeled

1 cup light mayonnaise or Miracle Whip (use a little more or less, as desired)
2 Tbsp prepared yellow mustard
1.75 tsp garlic seasoning blend (Garlic Garni)
1/2 cup sweet pickle relish
Salt and ground black pepper to taste
Chopped scallions (green onions), about half a cup (large handful)

Boil potatoes 25 – 30 minutes until just tender when pierced with a fork.  Potatoes should hold their dice. Drain potatoes and rinse in cool water. Peel most of the potato, leaving some skin, and cut into fairly large cubes (at least 1/2-inch) and let cool. Place potato cubes in a serving bowl.

Combine dressing ingredients (mayonnaise to relish). Gently fold dressing into potatoes until salad is mixed well. Add salt and pepper to taste. Garnish with chopped scallions. Refrigerate and serve cold.

Source: Adapted from recipes in the Washington Post (published circa 1994) and