Vegan-Plus Dinner Menus

Cook’s Notes: We have several friends who are “vegan-plus” due to food allergies and restrictions: Vegan plus gluten-free or vegan plus soy-free. I wanted to plan some vegetarian dinners that could accommodate all diners happily without including meat, dairy, wheat, rye, barley, oats, soy beans, tofu, or fake soy meats. The purpose of this post is to record some ideas I’ve found.

See also: A list of safe gluten-free foods (link)

Easy way out: Order food from Tucson Tamale Company. All of their items are gluten-free. They make their amazing tamales without lard, and they have at least two to three vegan options at all times. Since the tamales are individually wrapped, there’s no worries about the pork tamale touching the cheese tamale for guests.


Basic meal plan template: A rice, corn, or potato dish; a bean dish for protein; one to two vegetables; and dessert (such as fruit or sorbet). Peanut butter cookies can be made gluten-free and eggless for dessert as well (link; use vegan chocolate chips).


Menu 1:
Wild rice with pine nuts and raisins
Warm Italian Cherry Tomatoes
Sautéed spinach and white beans (link)
Butternut squash soup (purchased)

Menu 2:
Black bean-smothered sweet potatoes with tomatoes (link, omit sour cream or serve on the side)
Mixed green salad

Menu 3:
Red Beans and Rice Bowl (omit cheese or serve on the side)
This meal includes spinach and mushrooms. For dessert, serve fresh pineapple.

Menu 4:
Brown rice “couscous” (from Lundberg Family Farms) with onion and chickpeas
Oven-roasted yellow squash, carrots, zucchini, and scallions
Mixed green salad

Menu 5:
Hot version of “Monster Salad” with green beans, red pepper, potato, and chickpeas (link)
Serve with rice and fresh fruit

Italian Night:
Gluten-free pasta with red sauce and white beans
Steamed broccoli or sautéed zucchini
Oven-roasted carrots
Mixed green salad

Italian Night II:
Baked spaghetti squash with tomato sauce
Garlic bean soup (link)
Baby spinach salad

Mexican Night:
Guacamole, salsa, and corn tortilla chips
Mushroom fajitas (link) with corn tortillas
Black and White Beans