Fixing problem hats

I had some beautiful yarn on hand — Brown Sheep Company Lanaloft in color #90, “Mystical Pink” — and a few new hat patterns I wanted to try. Each of the hats, though, had their own set of problems.

Hat 1, the crochet version of the popular Calorimetry headscarf pattern on Knitty. The pattern was well-written and easy to follow, but the finished headscarf was too wide and gapped in an awkward manner. Plus, I felt frumpy in it. Since I wasn’t going for a babushka look, I put this project aside.

Didn't look good from the front
Fit awkwardly on the side and back

I turned to the next pattern, which featured spike stitch crochet and should have fit a 22-inch head. A lot of crochet hat patterns are worked from the top down, but this one is worked from the bottom up. On a 22-inch foam head, it looped pretty dramatically. It could have been a cowl, but the fabric was far too stiff, due to the stitch pattern.

Oops. Will fit a 25-inch head.
Can't force a fit with pleating.

Here’s how I solved both problem hats: with a ball winder.

Problem solved!

Sometimes, you just have to be willing to take your work to the “frog pond” — rip it, rip it. I still love this yarn, but I just haven’t found the right pattern yet. The next hat attempt for this yarn will be top down, though!