Faith’s Roasted Vegetables

Cook’s note: These are awesome served on top of Turkey and Black Bean Chili. Mix leftover vegetables with broth and turkey meatballs to make a soup. Faith says, “Vary the veggies depending on what’s in season or what you’re in the mood for. She recommends putting these on a sandwich with chopped tomato and avocado.

Cut the vegetables to be a uniform size.

6 oz package Portobello mushroom caps, stems removed and diced large
1 lb yellow squash, sliced
1.5 lbs green zucchini, sliced
2 red bell peppers, seeded, cored and diced large
1/2 cup olive oil (use the minimum amount needed enough to coat the vegetables)
1 to 2 Tbsp Faith’s Special Spice Mix
Kosher salt

Heat the oven to 425 F. Line two rimmed cookie sheets with foil or parchment paper.

Place all the sliced vegetables in a large bowl. Drizzle the olive oil over and sprinkle with the Faith’s seasoning. Stir well to coat the vegetables evenly.

Spread the vegetables in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Roast until golden and tender, about 20 to 25 minutes. Stir them once or twice to ensure even cooking. Serve warm.

Other combinations:

  • Carrots, zucchini, yellow squash, and red bell pepper
  • Eggplant chunks (roast by themselves; they make take longer)

Adapted from Cooking with Faith by Faith Ford