My knitting and crochet stats

The year-end blog stats provided by WordPress inspired me to analyze my completed crafting projects. I learned to knit again in 2003, after having put it aside for several years. I learned to crochet in 2005, making two hats. I ran my project list through a pivot table in Excel and gleaned these facts for my knitting and crochet from 2004 to 2010:

Total completed projects: 283

Craft Type: Knitting 55% (157), Crochet 43% (121), Both in one project 2% (5). In 2010, I did twice as much crochet as knitting. This is not surprising, because I was hired to work on weekends as a crochet instructor.

Top 5 Project Types Overall: Hats 52% (147), Utility Cloths 13% (38), Scarf 8% (22), Socks 7% (21), and Sweater 5% (13).

Top 5 Project Types in 2010: I had a lot of friends and family members who were pregnant in 2010. So I did a lot of baby items and utility cloths. Hats 55% (36), Utility Cloths 14% (9), Baby Items 8% (5),Scarf 8% (5), Wrists 5% (3).

Project count by year: ranges from 31 to 66. On average, 40 projects per year.

2004 to 2010