Party Menu Idea Roundup: Meatless Mediterranean

Cook’s notes: A friend of mine who is vegetarian is getting married next year. This happy news inspired me to create several meatless menus based on fun themes. I love planning a good menu almost as much as actually having the party.

This party menu is full of the flavors of Greece. For a balanced menu, select the following:
•    3 to 4 cold hors d’oeuvres: dips, cheese, nuts, or veggies
•    4 hot dishes (small bites), including 1 to 2 main dishes
•    2 to 3 sides dishes, pasta salad, or tossed salad
•    1 or 2 sweet nibbles, served toward the end

Appetizers and Breads
Caprese Salad on Toothpicks
Olives served in bowls
Walnuts and pistachios served in bowls
Marinated red bell peppers
Hummus and pita
Roasted Feta with Honey

Main Dishes
Grilled eggplant (link)
Spinach pies
Stuffed grape leaves (takeout)

Vegetables and Side Dishes
Cucumber, tomato, and feta salad (link)
Couscous with spinach
Rosemary Potatoes (microwave)
Lemon Roasted Vegetables with Beans

Mint iced tea
Pilsner beers
Greek-style coffee

Dried figs
Rice pudding
Seasonal fruits

Sources: Inspired by a shorter menu in Creative Wedding Showers by Laurie Dewberry, with additional items from About Greek Food; Dede Wilson, Appetizers for Dummies; and Donna Pilato’s cocktail party site