Party Menu Idea Roundup: Meatless Mexican Fiesta

Cook’s notes: A friend of mine who is vegetarian is getting married next year. This happy news inspired me to create several meatless menus based on fun themes. I love planning a good menu almost as much as actually having the party.

This party menu reflects some of our local flavors in the Southwest. For a balanced menu, select the following:
•    3 to 4 cold hors d’oeuvres: dips, cheese, nuts, or veggies
•    4 hot dishes (small bites), including 1 to 2 main dishes
•    2 to 3 sides dishes, pasta salad, or tossed salad
•    1 or 2 sweet nibbles, served toward the end

Hot corn dip
Tortilla chips with salsa and guacamole
Tortilla roll-ups with cream cheese and olives

Main Dishes
Black Bean Tostadas
Cheese enchiladas (link)
Spinach and mushroom enchiladas
Tamales (store-bought)

Vegetables and Side Dishes
Arroz Verde (link)
Black beans
Chilied corn (link)
Grilled onion and red pepper
Spanish rice

Assorted beers
Easy Blender Margaritas
Pomegranate punch (non-alcoholic)
Sangria (traditional red or peach)

Fruit salad
Mexican wedding cookies (of course!)
Tres Leches cake or flourless chocolate cake

Sources: Inspired by a shorter menu in Creative Wedding Showers by Laurie Dewberry and About Mexican Food; Dede Wilson, Appetizers for Dummies; and Donna Pilato’s cocktail party site