Party Menu Idea Roundup: Vegetarian Asian Flavors

Cook’s notes: A friend of mine who is vegetarian is getting married next year. This happy news inspired me to create several meatless menus based on fun themes. I love planning a good menu almost as much as actually having the party.

This party menu reflects some of the flavors of Asia. You may wish to choose the cuisine of just one country, such as China, Japan, or Thailand.

For a balanced menu, select the following:
•    3 to 4 cold hors d’oeuvres: dips, cheese, nuts, or veggies
•    4 hot dishes (small bites), including 1 to 2 main dishes
•    2 to 3 sides dishes, pasta salad, or tossed salad
•    1 or 2 sweet nibbles, served toward the end

The Livestrong site recommends a simple dinner party menu of mini-spring rolls appetizers with peanut sauce, cabbage and carrot salad tossed with chopped scallions, and a main course of vegetable lo mein.

Edamame (soybeans)
Mini vegetable spring rolls with peanut dipping sauce
Thai Roasted Green Peas (link)
Vegetable dumplings with soy sauce

Main Dishes
Ginger Lo Mein Noodles (link)
Sushi Rice Salad with cucumber and carrot (link)
Thai Pumpkin Coconut Soup (link)
Vegetable and potato yellow curry (link)
Vegetable stir fry with tofu

Vegetables and Side Dishes
Marinated cucumber salad
Snow peas with mushrooms
Rice: white and brown

Cocktails made with sake, such as the Sake Martini
Green tea

Almond cookies
Chocolate-covered crystallized ginger served with orange wedges
Green tea truffles (link)
Grilled pineapple slices

Sources: Inspired by Dede Wilson, Appetizers for Dummies, several sites (Chinese Vegetarian, Japanese Food, and Thai Food), and Donna Pilato’s cocktail party site