2011 Yarn Projects in Review

I like to analyze my knitting and crochet projects periodically to look for trends. In 2011, I completed 66 projects using these methods:

  • Crochet: 56
  • Knit: 9
  • Repair jobs: 1

The top 3 project types I completed in 2011 were hats, utility cloths, and scarves. Hats are definitely my favorite thing to make, and I made 31 of them in 2011. Utility cloths (11 total) include washcloths for babies. They are also a great way to try out new stitch patterns. I also made 6 scarves in both knit and crochet.

Since Dec 2003, when I started knitting again, to today, I have completed 350 total projects. 51% (179) were crochet and 47% (164) were knitting. Not surprisingly, since I work as a crochet instructor on weekends, crochet projects tend to be my default craft in the past two years.

Overall, my top 5 project types are hats, utility cloths, scarves, socks, and sweaters.

Total output for 2011, 66 projects, was about the same as for 2010, 67 projects. Working at a yarn store on weekends keeps my project output high. I am constantly looking for new projects and methods to try out that I can teach to my students. I learned picot edging and filet crochet in 2011.

The charts below are for all of my completed projects, in the years from 2004 to present: