Green Smoothie: Big Berry Banana Blend

Cook’s notes: One in a series of green smoothies. Cucumber adds a bright note to the spinach and berry blend.

Makes 28 oz total: 2 servings

Blend together until smooth. Puree the cucumber and spinach with the coconut water until the mixture is utterly smooth. (The “ice crush” feature is great for pulverizing the cucumber pieces.) Then add the fruits and puree.

1 cup coconut water
1 mini cucumber with peel, scrubbed and cut into large chunks (1 cup)
2 cups raw baby spinach
1 cup fresh raspberries
1 cup fresh blackberries
2/3 banana, peeled and cut into chunks

Estimated nutritional values per 14 oz serving:
9.7 g fiber; dietary exchanges of 2.0 vegetables and 1.5 fruits.