FO 2012 Q1: 11 crochet items

In the first quarter of 2012, I finished 11 crochet projects. Most of these were samples for the yarn shop I work for on weekends. I did learn one new stitch: the linked double crochet stitch, used to make a great little washcloth.

For the shawl and blanket samples, I used one skein of yarn and determined how much yarn you would need to complete the project. This is more efficient than making a full model, and it gives people enough information to judge the whole project. It’s not a gauge swatch, but 1/3 or 1/4 of the final project, depending on yarn requirements. And I did enjoy the calculations and the process of figuring it out.

Other project highlights: The Mobius Cowl was a birthday gift for a friend. The Shell Edge Dishcloth was made to show Crochet 101 students what single crochet looks like. The two hats are looking for homes: I like them, but I don’t think they’ll stay with me.

Brigitte’s Mobius Cowl
Mini Baby Blanket
Shell Edge Dishcloth
Sample: Chunky Yarn Blanket
Sample: Lattice Shawl
Sample: Unisex Scarf
Sample: Simple V-Stitch Shawl
A/C Metrical Hat
Waffle Cone Hat
Linked Doubles Dishcloth

Not shown: Finishing job for a client: Add a border to hairpin lace blanket