Utility Cloth Comparison

My mother requested a set of cotton dishcloths for her birthday. She picked out the yarn, and I got to work. My goal was to make the maximum number of utility cloths out of 4 balls of cotton (12 oz total).

All of these utility cloths (dishcloths and washcloths) were made with Lily brand Sugar’n Cream Cotton (worsted weight) and a 4.5 mm crochet hook.

Of all of these projects, my favorites for texture and size were the Sylvan Star Washcloth, the Ladder Stitch Dishcloth, and the Scrubby Bumpy Facecloth. These particular projects also required very little blocking: they were immediately a good size and shape when finished.

Pattern Name Yarn used Finished Size
Reusable Cotton Rounds by Heidi Bringhurst 0.45 oz / 22.5 yds 2.25 inches across each (Set of 4)
Small Hex Scallop Dishcloth (from Crochet Hexagon Dishcloth by Mary Ellen Wells) 0.69 oz / 34.5 yds 7 inches across
Granny Square Washcloth from 4 Crocheted Washcloths by Amy Dorr 0.79 oz / 39.5 yds 7 inches square
Sylvan Star Washcloth (membership required to view Lion Brand pattern) 0.96 oz / 48 yds 9 inches across
Ladder Stitch Dishcloth by Brian McGaunnn 1 oz / 50 yds 7 inches wide x 6 inches high
Granny Stripe Dishcloth (pattern by Jaime  DeVries) 1.12 oz / 56 yds 8 inches wide x 7.75 inches high
Scrubby Bumpy Facecloth by Kristin Roach 1.22 oz / 60.9 yds 8 inches wide x 7.75 inches high
Frilly Dishcloth by Myra Ann Shaw 1.33 oz / 66.5 yds 9.5 inches across
Big Girl Dish Cloth/Wash Cloth by Laurie Laliberte 1.33 oz / 66.5 yds 8.75 inches square
Diagonal Dishcloth by Ananda Judkins 1.47 oz / 73.5 yds 9 inches square
Forked Cluster Stitch Washcloth by Oshinn Reid 1.53 oz /76.5 yds 9.75 inches wide x 8.75 inches high