Menu: A Southern Vegetarian Brunch


So many great flavors

Cook’s notes: This wonderful breakfast was inspired by several recipes in The Southern Vegetarian Cookbook, from the authors of the Chubby Vegetarian blog. The recipes emphasize produce and dairy products, rather than fake meat. There are quite a few intriguing recipes in this book: Lemon Zest and Thyme Pimento Cheese, Rosemary-Lemon Cookies, and of course, their cornbread are on the short list to try.

We were out of eggs that day, but I’m sure scrambled eggs would be a great addition to this meal. The mushroom and sweet potato mixture goes well the next day with leftover Chinese food and brown rice, by the way.

Game plan: Start by marinading the mushrooms, then make the biscuits and the other items.


  • Maple Mushrooms: Follow the recipe posted on the Chubby Vegetarian site
  • Big Buttermilk Biscuits, spread with cheddar cheese
  • Tomato Topping: Wash and dice an organic heirloom tomato. Place tomato in a bowl and sprinkle with 7-2-2 seasoning mix (7 parts kosher salt, 2 parts ground black pepper, 2 parts granular garlic). Let sit for 20 minutes to combine flavors.
  • Sweet potato: Scrub 2 sweet potatoes and pierce them with a fork. Microwave the sweet potatoes on the Potato setting until done. Cut in half and let cool. Peel and diced the cooked sweet potato; discard the potato peelings. Sprinkle the diced sweet potatoes with cinnamon.