Best Recipe: Kefir Green Smoothie

Kefir is a yogurt drink. I used Lifeway brand. This is a simple green smoothie with no banana or protein powder. I have made it several times, and it’s a winner with several options:

  • You can use any flavor of kefir: blueberry and spinach is also very tasty. Weigh the spinach on a kitchen scale.
  • You can add a few slices of frozen peaches without added sugar if desired, but it doesn’t really need any extra fruit in it.
  • You can boost the protein by blending in 1/2 cup low-fat (or fat-free) cottage cheese. Either way, it meets “link and balance” standards of the Insulin Resistance Diet: less than 30 g carb eaten with 15 g or more of protein.

Makes about 10 oz. (of course, if you add cottage cheese, the volume is a bit more)

1 cup low-fat peach kefir
60 g (2 cups) baby spinach

Puree all ingredients in a blender until smooth.