PBJ (Sunflower Butter and Berry) Smoothie

This green smoothie does not have banana or protein powder. It is very thick and deep purple in color; so thick, in fact, I had to add extra milk to help it blend. I used leftover frozen fruit and added sunflower butter for a little protein.

  • If the total frozen fruit is limited to 140 g, 1 cup of milk should be sufficient.
  • The choice of milk is up to you: Almond-coconut milk is sold refrigerated in a paper carton. You can also use vanilla coconut, soy, almond, or dairy milk. Canned coconut milk is better for cooking.
  • Weigh the spinach and frozen fruit on a kitchen scale.

Serves 1 (about 18 oz.)

1.25 (10 oz) cup unsweetened almond-coconut milk
50 g baby spinach (about 1.7 cups)
15 g (1 Tablespoon) sunflower nut butter
65 g frozen wild blueberries without added sugar (about half a cup)
128 g frozen strawberries without added sugar (almost 2/3 cup)

Puree all ingredients in a blender.