FO 2012 Q4: Mostly Utility Cloths

My mom wanted a pair of bright slippers and green-and-white washcloths for her house. I had fun trying to get as many different cloths as possible out of the cotton yarn. A friend wanted a cowl for his partner who is an ice skater (“the Boyfriend Cowl”). The “Rasta Hat” is named that because of the yarn name, not the style.

378 Boyfriend Cowl
379 Mosaic Weekender (no photo)
380 Serenity Slippers
381 Diagonal Dishcloth
382 Forked Cluster
383 Scrubby Bumpy Washcloth
384 Quick and Easy Ribbed Rasta Hat
385 Frilly Dishcloth
386 Reusable Cotton Rounds
387 Granny’s Remix Dishcloth
388 Sylvan Star Washcloth
389 Granny Square Washcloth
390 Small Hexagon Dishcloth with Scallop Border
391 Big Girl Cloth
392 Ladder Stitch Dishcloth
393 Skullcap with Big Button