Recipe Roundup: Tried and Liked Dec 2014

3 ingredient Eggless Nutella Cookies (link):
Another allergy friendly recipe: eggless, no soy, no flour.Vegetarian, but not vegan, due to the yogurt.

My local grocery store didn’t have Nutella, but they did have a chocolate coconut peanut butter by Wild Friend Foods. I used a gluten-free all purpose flour blend (Cup 4 Cup), fat-free plain Greek yogurt, Enjoy Life semi-sweet mini chocolate chips, and the peanut butter. Glorious and gluten free cookies!

Chickpea Cookies (link):
I’ve been investigating cookie recipes that are both gluten-free AND vegan, so that I can bake for friends with food allergies. I tried a recipe called “I Dare You” Chickpea cookies and it turned out well. A similar recipe by Texanerin omits the oil (her version was posted first, and has lots of tips for the baker). These are vegan if you use maple syrup or agave syrup as the sweetener. Definitely use the Enjoy Life brand of dark chocolate chips: they are allergy-friendly and delicious. The batter blends up quickly in a food processor.

A 15 oz. can of chickpeas yields 1.75 cups of chickpeas, and the recipe uses only 1.25 cups chickpeas. Save the remaining half-cup of chickpeas for salad or snacks.

Cranberry Romaine Salad Smoothie (quickie recipe below):
We were out of baby spinach one day, so I made the Goldilocks Smoothie with 1 cup plain, fat-free Greek yogurt; 1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk; 1/2 cup water; 2 Tablespoons pecan pieces; 2 Tablespoons flax seeds; 1 teaspoon apple pie spice, 90 g (about 3.2 oz.) chopped romaine lettuce, 1/3 cup shredded carrots, 1 cup frozen pineapple chunks without added sugar, and 1/2 cup frozen cranberries without added sugar. Serves two. It makes a pretty, pink smoothie.

Crispy Salmon (link):
Kenji’s technique for salmon in a skillet cooked to 130F (medium) is so easy. We omitted everything else and only followed the salmon steps in the recipe:

  1. Press salmon filets between paper towels to dry surfaces thoroughly. Season on all sides with salt and pepper. Heat oil in a large stainless steel skillet over medium-high heat until shimmering. Add salmon filets skin side-down. Immediately reduce heat to medium-low. Cook, pressing gently on back of filets to ensure good contact with skin, until skin is rendered and crisp, about 6 minutes. If skin shows resistance when attempting to lift with a spatula, allow it to continue to cook until it lifts easily.

  2. Flip salmon and cook on second side until a thermometer inserted into the thickest part registers 120°F for medium rare or 130°F for medium, about 1 minute longer. Transfer salmon to a paper towel-lined plate and allow to rest.

Easy Tuna Casserole from Scratch by the Weary Chef (link):
Another winning recipe from The Weary Chef blog with added vegetables and a homemade sauce (no cream of crap soup in a can). It’s definitely the best tuna casserole I’ve ever had. We used tri-color vegetable rotini. The addition of shredded carrots and asparagus pieces was really clever. Leftovers were still delicious the next day.

I bought actual buttermilk for this recipe (instead of clabbering milk with vinegar). The smallest bottle on sale was 1 quart — I used the leftover buttermilk to bake bread.

Gingered Tuna Salad (link):
I thought this was an interesting take on tuna salad, but it was a little too sweet to me. I had tuna in oil, so I omitted the olive oil. I’d like to try this again with even fewer ingredients: tuna in oil, no added mayo, with 1/2 cup chopped apple and 1 teaspoon ginger powder instead of crystallized ginger.

Holy Yum Chicken … (link):
Holy Wow is what we kept saying. This amazing chicken recipe has a fabulous Dijon mustard and maple syrup gravy with rosemary. We used 2 Tablespoons of rice wine vinegar. The author, Julie Wampler, has a ton of tips.

… served with Roasted Broccoli with Garlic (link):
I have a really good roasted broccoli recipe, but I wanted one that could go in the oven at the same temperature as the Holy Yum Chicken. We used a 12-ounce bag of fresh broccoli florets, lots of fresh garlic, and the extra half-cup of chickpeas from the Chickpea Cookies. Roast it at 450F for 20 to 25 minutes.

Paleo Spiced Nuts (link):
Elana’s Pantry shared this recipe for spiced nuts with no added sweeteners: no sugar, no honey, and no syrups. I made a batch for a friend who is on the Whole30 program. Nuts are still considered a “sometimes, not every day” treat under this program. These spicy, savory nuts are quite tasty.

Warm Almond Milk with Spices (link; quickie recipe below):
Similar to a vanilla hot chocolate. This drink was absolutely delicious after a cold night walking to look at Christmas lights. The recipe authors say, “The combination of almond milk and warming digestive spices balances your blood sugar and stabilizes your metabolism. The extra protein boost from the almond butter helps curb hunger pains. Serves 1.” I omitted the cayenne pepper, changed the method, and put the ingredients in order from most to least.

Heat 1 cup vanilla almond milk, unsweetened, in the microwave for one minute. Stir in 1 tablespoon almond butter, 2 teaspoons maple syrup, 1⁄2 teaspoon cinnamon powder, and 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger powder. Delicious!