269. Lamb’s Pride Bulky Socks 101

Knitting, project 269. Completed 9/22/2010

Toasty warm

Adapted from instructions in the book Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Larissa Brown & Martin John Brown, published by Stewart Tabori & Chang, spring 2008


Women’s Large: 9″ circumference at ball of foot, 10.5″ foot length

Gauge: 4 sts per inch

Yarn: 5.1 oz, 160 yds (1.3 skeins) yarn from

  • 2 skeins – Brown Sheep Co.: Lamb’s Pride Bulky (85% wool, 15% mohair) 113 g/4 oz, 125 yds/114 m. Color: M-28, Chianti

Knitting needles: 1 set of 5 double-pointed needles (DPNs) in US Size J-10 (6 mm)

A cozy little foot sock/slipper from the Knitalong book. I used one skein for each sock to avoid joining new yarn.


222. Sock Cuff Repair

Knitting, project 222. Completed 1/16/2010

Socks were originally completed 3/4/2005 (project #054), knit from soft Lamb’s Pride Bulky (wool/mohair blend). The original cuff bindoff was tight, and the socks had felted down during repeated washings over the years. I cut off the cast off round, and carefully picked the stitches free. I used contrasting color yarn to knit 3 rounds and then used the single crochet castoff method for a new finish. They are still toasty warm, and now they fit perfectly at the top.

Shown: The finished sock repair (with new green cuff border), the new bindoff in process, and what the cuffs looked like before .

Extra-Wide Men’s Slippers

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Knitting, project #147. Completed 12/27/2007.

Yarn: Super bulky yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn. 6 oz/170 g, 108 yd/98 m.
(CC) 1 ball #402, Wheat: 86% acrylic, 10% wool, 4% rayon
(MC) 1 ball #122, Taupe: 80% acrylic, 20% wool

Needles    US 13 (9 mm) double-pointed needles (DPN)
Gauge    2.25 sts and 3 rows = 1 inch in St st (9 St sts and 12 rows = 4″)
Pattern: Adapted from the Lion yarn label, a standard sock chart, and Anne Budd’s sock chart
Finished size: Men’s medium with extra-wide width
Length of foot (heel to toe): 9.5 inches. Ball of the foot: 13 inches

Note: K2TOG slants this way (/) — SSK does this (\)


Ball of foot (13) x sts per inch (2.25) = 29.25

Make it divisible by 4: 28 sts in sock body

Cuff and leg

With CC (Wheat), cast on 28 sts using Long Tail method. Join circularly, taking care not to twist sts.

  • Work 5 rounds in K1, P1 ribbing.
  • Knit 2 rounds

Change to color MC (Taupe). Knit 4 rounds.

Heel flap over 14 sts

K 7 sts. Turn. P 14 sts. Turn.

Flap — Work in stockinette for 3 inches: K 14 (RS) and P 14 (WS), end with purl row.

Turn heel over 14 sts

  • Row 1: K5, K2TOG, K7, turn
  • Row 2: P5, P2TOG, P4, turn. Leave 2 sts unworked on the needle.
  • Row 3: K3, K2TOG, K3, turn. Leave 2 sts unworked on the needle.
  • Row 4: P3, P2TOG, P2, P2TOG, turn
  • Row 5: K2, K2TOG, K2, K2TOG, K1
  • Row 6: Purl across remaining 7 sts


Knit across 7 heel sts. Pick up 8 gusset sts on side of heel flap (pick up through both loops of the edge st).

Knit across 14 instep sts.

Pick up 9 gusset sts from heel flap. 38 sts total.

Rearrange sts on needles as follows (split the heel sts):

  • Needle 1, heel/flap — 4 heel sts and 8 gusset sts
  • Needle 2, instep — 14 instep sts
  • Needle 3, heel/flap — 3 heel sts and 9 gusset sts

Decrease Gussets

Each decrease round removes 2 sts:

  • Needle 1: heel/flap — K to last 3 sts, K2TOG, K1
  • Needle 2, instep — knit across
  • Needle 3, heel/flap — K1, SSK, K to end

Repeat these 2 rounds 5 times until 28 sts remain:

1)     Round 1: Decrease

2)     Round 2: K all sts.


Needle 1 and 3 have 7 sts. Needle 2 (instep) has 14 sts.

Work even until sock comes up to the base of the toes, about 2″ less than the desired finished length. 10 – 14 minimum rows suggested. 6.75 inches total length.

Toe Shaping (10 rounds – 2.25″)

Each decrease round removes 4 sts:

  • Needle 1: K to last 3 sts: K2TOG, K1
  • Needle 2: K1, SSK, K to last 3 sts, K2TOG, K1
  • Needle 3: K1, SSK, K to end

Repeat these 2 rounds 4 times until 16 sts remain:

1)     Round 1: Decrease to 28, 24, 20, 16 sts

2)     Round 2: K all sts

Work 2 more decrease rounds: 8 sts remain; toe is about 3.75″ across). Knit last 2 sts.

Graft toe – Kitchener method

The yarn is at the side of the sock. Cut the yarn, leaving a 10 to 12″ tail. Move your yarn under the needle. Place the heel sts (Ndl 1 and 3) on 1 needle.

Set-Up 1: First stitch — front needle — as if to purl and pull it through, leaving the stitch on the needle.

Set-Up 2: First stitch — back needle — as if to knit, and pull it through, leaving the stitch on the needle.

  • Step 1: First stitch — front needle —knit, slip it OFF
  • Step 2: Next stitch — front needle —purl, leave it on
  • Step 3: First stitch — back needle —purl, slip it OFF
  • Step 4: Next stitch — back needle —knit, leave it on

Repeat steps 1-4, pausing to tighten up the stitches now and then until all the stitches are worked. The last two stitches remaining on the needle require you to perform step 1 then step 3.

Slipper Boots (Adult Small)

Knitting, project #146. Completed 12/23/2007.

With pencil to show scale.

Yarn: Super bulky yarn: 1 skein Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn. 6 oz/170 g, 108 yd/98 m. Color #402, Wheat (86% acrylic, 10% wool, 4% rayon)

Needles: US 13 (9 mm) double-pointed needles (DPN)
Gauge: 2.25 sts and 3 rows = 1 inch in St st (9 St sts and 12 rows = 4″)
Pattern: Generated from http://www.thedietdiary.com/blog/?p=495
Finished size: Adult Small
Leftover yarn: About half a skein

Notes: Supposed to fit a man with 9.5-inch long foot (Men’s medium on the generator). Slipper turned out much smaller.

Double-Stranded Slippers with Sherman Heel

Knitting, project #143. Completed 12/15/2007.

Yarn: A) 164 yds / 2 balls — Knitpicks Shamrock (100% Peruvian Highland Wool), heavy worsted weight (4 to 4.5 sts=1″ on #7-9 needles), 82 yards/50 gram ball. Color: 23969, Dougherty.
B) 197 yds 1 skein — Lion brand Wool Ease (80% acrylic, 20% wool), medium worsted weight (4.5 sts = 1″ #8 needles), 3 oz/85g, 197 yd/180m. Color: 620-180, Forest Green Heather

Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm) double-pointed needles (DPN), 3.5 sts per inch

Pattern: Bulky Yarn Booties, adapted from these online sources: